Planning My Work to Work Transition Guide

Planning My Way to Work Manual Cover - V1

Dear Students and Families,

You are likely excited about your future career and adult life after high school. You may have questions about the services, supports and resources that can help you reach your goals.

Each section of the Planning my Way to Work manual has information to answer these questions. Your teachers and school staff will also help you sort out options.

The transition process supports you as you move from school to work, additional education or both. Transition involves you, your family, your school district and others.

During the transition process, you will carefully plan what you want your life to be like. Your parents, family and other people important to you will help you.

The Council is working on an updated manual. To view our current manual and translations, please click the link below. We also offer another previous version for those who find it helpful.

Please stay tuned for the new manual and translations coming soon!

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