Celebrate DD Awareness Month

Celebrate DD Awareness in March

The NACDD 2024 DD awareness campaign is now underway! Each March, the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD) and partners work together to create a social media campaign that highlights the many ways in which people with and without disabilities come together to form strong, diverse communities.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all facets of community life, as well as awareness of the barriers that people with disabilities still sometimes face in connecting to the communities in which they live.

This year’s theme is “A World of Opportunities” – we’re celebrating people and working together to remove obstacles. Our goal is to build a community that’s committed to creating a world where everyone can do well and succeed. Join us in making a world where all kinds of people have the chance to thrive.

To view translated versions or help us share the poster and help spread DD Awareness, visit: https://nacdd.org/ddam1/

2018 Events

In 2018, we organized a #BetterTogether18 photo rally. We asked people to share a photo of a person with developmental disabilities—alongside a friend, co-worker, sibling, family member or other member of their community. The response was enthusiastic: More than 150 photos were shared to OCDD’s Facebook page during the rally. Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 campaign!

Governor Adds Her Voice

We appreciate Oregon Governor Kate Brown for signing the 2022 Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Proclamation. It specifically recognizes how Oregonians with and without disabilities contribute to Oregon’s strong, diverse communities.

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