We’ve come up with a few questions based on the LifeCourse approach to help families of children with development disabilities “plot a course” for their whole lives—for their children and for themselves. The questions are divided into six life stages, from before birth to older adults. Explore all of them, or jump to the life stage most relevant to you and your child now.

  1. Do you have a vision or plan in mind for when your son or daughter gets older that will support his or her growth and development now?
  2. Is your childcare provider struggling to connect with your child? Oregon’s Inclusive Partners offers solutions and resources to best support your provider to better connect with your son or daughter.
  3. If your son or daughter needs testing or assessment, what can you expect? Visit OHSU’s Tips for Families Understanding Developmental Screening.
  4. Are there ways you can structure your son or daughter’s home and other places they spend time that will give them opportunities to do activities that young children typically do? FACT Oregon has compiled a list of organizations and resources about inclusive practices for your son or daughter.
  5. Do you know how to connect with other parents? The Oregon Consortium of Family Networks is a coalition of non-profit organizations that provides peer support to families.
  6. Are you looking for services and supports for your son or daughter with developmental disabilities? Contact your local community developmental disability program (CDDP) to find out if you are eligible for services.
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