Oregon Consortium of Family Networks

The Oregon Consortium of Family Networks (OCFN) is a tool that parents can use to become healthier family units, stronger advocates for their children, and active in their communities.

Sometimes it can be hard to see past tomorrow. OCFN’s role is to help families do just that: to help them map out a life for their children and themselves, full of meaningful relationships and experiences, and to connect them with resources that can help. OCFN receives funding and staff support from the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Sometimes we all need somebody to say:

“I’ve walked in your shoes; you’ve walked in mine. There’s power in that.”

– Leah Persichilli, parent advocate, Central Oregon Disability Support Network

What OCFN Believes


OCFN believes in supporting families to have a vision for a whole life for themselves and their children, to use services effectively, and to develop natural support in local communities.

  • Disability is one of many types of human diversity
  • Peer support is sustainable, empowers families and changes lives
  • Families with high expectations for their children raise adults with high expectations
  • All families have strengths and valuable experiences that contribute to their community
  • Welcoming communities strengthen and support all families
  • The role of the services system is to complement the support that exists in community
  • Access to effective supports and services is a fundamental right of all families across Oregon

Impact and Reach



Comprised of seven non-profit organizations across the state led by local family members


Available in 56% of Oregon counties, serving 90% of Oregonians

Made up of 3,500 families who help families connect with other families and their communities

Connects 11,000 people including community members, disability and non-disability organizations.

What Families Say

Watch how OCFN has helped Oregon parents Heidi, Paola, and Justin and their children Scarlet, Xamira and Ben.

OCFN provides support and resources to families. Local Family Networks:

  • Strengthen families to build connections and support to raise children in their family home
  • Build community capacity and welcome people and families experiencing disability
  • Create natural supports to live a whole life and reduce the need for paid services

“My Family Network has changed the vision and the trajectory of my son’s future by simply showing me that anything is possible. I now have a new way of thinking and I will never go back.”

– Mother of a 12-year-old with a developmental disability

Families who have been involved with Family Networks for more than six months are significantly more likely to:

  • Advocate for change for people with disabilities
  • Envision a full life for their child
  • Experience increased access to the community

Your Next Steps

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