Inclusive Partners

Inclusive Partners (formerly the Inclusive Child Care Program or ICCP) works directly with parents, child care providers, and community partners to support access to inclusive child care opportunities for all children.

Inclusive Partners is an ongoing program operated by the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities, which oversees funding and provides staff support. Inclusive Partner’s efforts focus on three areas.


Help with supports and accommodations in child care:

Financial help for eligible families when there are higher costs related to a child's varied needs.

Training and consultation:

Training, consultation and technical assistance to support all children in preschool, child care and out-of-school time settings.

Sharing Information:

Information, resources, and materials that support inclusive child care and education.

What is Inclusive Child Care?

Inclusive child care means all children and young people participate together where ever they are.  All child care and out-of-school time programs have the potential to be fully inclusive. Inclusive child care is characterized by three key elements:



Every child and family feels welcome.  Environmental barriers are examined for accessibility. The child care setting provides a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities.


All children feel they belong.  All children are supported to participate in settings, routines, schedules and activities.



Support includes policies that encourage diversity; staff training that increases a provider’s ability to serve a wide range of children; effective communication between parents and providers; and a focus on overall quality.


More Information

For more information about inclusive child care:


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