Employment Policy Statement

Thousands of Oregonians with I/DD are unemployed or working in jobs that keep them separated from their community and pay less than minimum wage. Oregon can improve this by providing Oregonians with I/DD opportunities to work, improve their quality of life and contribute to their communities.

    What is Equal Opportunity?

    Equal opportunity means all people are treated alike while ignoring barriers and prejudices. This gives all people, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), the chance to contribute to their community and the workforce while enjoying a full life.

      Communities thrive when everyone participates and contributes.

      The Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities believes that work is a fundamental part of life and therefore people with I/DD must have the opportunity to participate in the workforce and their greater community.

      A true pathway to success in the workforce for Oregonians with I/DD includes:

      • Access to integrated, competitive jobs in the general workforce;
      • A choice of jobs and careers, with advancement opportunities;
      • Minimum wage or above compensation, plus benefits;
      • Access to benefits planning services to help the person use public benefits appropriately and efficiently while working; and
      • Appropriate job supports to obtain and maintain employment.

      Success in the workforce for people with I/DD rests upon the following principles:

      • Oregon students with I/DD will have appropriate transition plan and supports to leave school with a job at minimum wage or above or a post‐secondary education plan. These supports and services are only effective for students with I/DD if funded appropriately.
      • Oregon will continue to support and build programs upon Employment First principles that recognize everyone can work and there is a job for everyone.
      • Oregon will continue to prioritize individual employment goals and preferences, while raising expectations that people with I/DD will have integrated jobs.

      Successful employment outcomes for people with I/DD requires partnerships between the individual, employer, and those who support him or her.

        Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities Employment Policy Revised and Adopted December 2014.

        Are you looking to find a job? Download the Planning My Way to Work Manual.

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