Engaging Diverse Voices

Council trainings, presentations, and communications efforts will reach racially, linguistically, culturally, economically and geographically diverse voices and experiences––and thereby engage the entire DD community.

Growing Leadership

People with developmental disabilities, their families, and networks of support, will develop effective advocacy and communication skills.

Self Advocacy

For each year of the plan, the Council will provide support for a self-advocacy organization led by people with DD to recruit, train, coach and mentor other self-advocates and support their participation in cross disability organizations.

Expanding Our Reach

To better serve Spanish-speaking people with DD, their families, and communities, the Council will partner with ODDS, ODE, and OHA to reduce cultural and linguistic barriers to information and services.

Integrated Services & Supports

Service systems will promote access to integrated supports for people with DD to pursue the lives they want within their own communities.

Emergent Disaster Need

For each year of the plan, the Council will identify and assess emerging environmental, biological or natural disaster needs for people with DD and their families and take action as appropriate.

NOTE: This is a new objective for FFY 2023. This is the first year a workplan has been established or presented for this objective.

OIDD Network Collaboration

By Year 3 of the Plan, the OIDD Network Partners will develop publicly accessible information and provide technical assistance and training to professionals in the education and health care fields to increase their knowledge about health promotion, mental health access, disability language, barriers to access or healthcare rights for people with DD.

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