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DD Awareness Materials

2014 Developmental Disabilities Awareness Poster

We believe that with high expectations, opportunities, appropriate support and the right job match, people with developmental disabilities can successfully work and contribute to their communities. It’s time for all of us to raise our expectations about what is possible.

You can download the poster here: 2014_OCDD_Poster.pdf (40MB)

New! IDD Awareness 2013 - Raise your expectations!

Raising Expectations
“Expect me to succeed.  I will.”
This year’s poster is a reminder that when all people are raised, taught, and supported with high expectations they are more likely to succeed - the barriers and boundaries to their potential, created by low expectations, are removed. This truth applies to all people – including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Order your free copy by April 30th, 2013!

Download: New! IDD Awareness 2013 - Raise your expectations! (PDF: 290KB)

I have a voice!

The 2012 IDD Awareness poster is a reminder to us all that every person, no matter what their age, must have dreams for their own life, and every person has the right to speak up to make those dreams a reality.

Download: I have a voice! (PDF: 454KB)

Everyone has Something to Teach

The best education is learning that everyone has something to teach.

What will you learn today, and who will be your teacher?

Download: Everyone has Something to Teach (PDF: 83.8 KB)

Everyone Can Work!

With good planning and supports, Everyone can work.
Think “employment first” when planning for the future with people with developmental disabilities. It works!
For a copy of Oregon’s “Employment First” policy, go to or

2010 marked the 10-year anniversary of the closure of Fairview Training Center, Oregon’s largest institution for people with developmental disabilities. Since Fairview closed, advocates and policy makers have worked diligently to end the wait list for adult services by creating a community-based system of support services that offer self-determination and choice. The decade ended on a high note in October, 2009 with the closure of Oregon’s last institution for people with developmental disabilities, Eastern Oregon Training Center.
The Council and the Oregon Developmental Disabilities Coalition sponsored an event at the Capitol, which included a proclamation from the Governor, an awards ceremony, remarks from influential advocates for people with developmental disabilities, and the unveiling of the 2010 awareness poster.

To watch a video from the event by Rick Dancer, provided by Full Access, visit

Download: Everyone Can Work! (PDF: 197 KB)

Look, Listen, Report

Download: Look, Listen, Report (PDF: 184 K)

There’s No Place Like Home

Download: There’s No Place Like Home (PDF: 145 KB)

Some Words Do Hurt

Download: Some Words Do Hurt (PDF: 124 KB)